Recap/Review: 3.18 ‘Riddled’

“Riddled” left us emotionally compromised and reeling from its cliffhanger ending. We were treated to more of Dylan O’Brien’s incredible ability to inhabit a dark side, plenty of bro bonding, some vague revelations about Mama Yukimura, and finally a face-to-face (somewhat) with the Nogitsune inside of Stiles. The only thing we know for sure, though, is that nothing is certain and the trickster spirit may be messing with our characters more than they realize…


“Do You Know Any Riddles, Stiles?”  


Dylan definitely deserves praise for the layers we have seen from Stiles this season, but Tyler Posey had some of his strongest scenes this season in this episode as well. The beginning sequence, for example, was experienced almost entirely through Scott’s point of view (save the scene with Lydia and Aiden;) his fear and panic resonated so profoundly it was easy to experience all of those emotions with him through the screen. Scott is awakened by Stiles calling him in the middle of the night, and when Scott hears the blatant fear in Stiles’ shaky voice he realizes something is terribly wrong. At first Stiles is able to get out that he doesn’t know where he is, that he thinks he was sleepwalking and that it’s dark before the call is cut short. Shaken, Scott jumps out of bed and paces his room, trying not to panic as he desperately attempts to get Stiles back on the phone but his friend isn’t answering.


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Recap & Review: 3.17 ‘Silverfinger’

Still reeling from Monday’s episode? So are we – join us as we revisit the highly intense and emotional episode and speculate on things to come.



Recap: Looking for Someone Not Themselves



It’s time for Papa Argent to fess up on what he knows about these masked demons. The episode jumps immediately into a beaten up Chris explaining to Scott, Allison, and Isaac about his run-in with the “demonic ninjas” from the Nemeton when he was eighteen years old. We find out (through narration and flashbacks) that Gerard had sent his son on his first gun deal with the yakuza – the elder Argent failing to mention to Chris that he was dealing with the Japanese mob. During the deal, the dark beings we last saw at Derek’s loft appear and literally cut down all of the mobsters (a riddle of bullets not even slowing them down) before they all run their swords through the yakuza’s leader. The yakuza mob boss, aka a kumicho, however, appears to be some kind of creature because his eyes appear foggy-white and sharp teeth snarl out of his mouth as he is surrounded and gruesomely killed by the demons. In the flashback, the young Chris can only watch in horror as the scene unfolds. When, in the present, Scott questions what kind of creature the yakuza was, Chris explains that he doesn’t know but that a mob member who survived that night (thanks to Chris) named Katashi might know. When it appeared that Katashi, aka Silverfinger (nicknamed because of a silver prosthetic on his pinky finger) was about to be killed, the eighteen year old Chris shot one of the demonic ninjas in the face, not killing it, but breaking it’s mask off and allowing them time to get away.

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Recap & Review: 3.16 ‘Illuminated’

Teen Wolf didn’t pull any punches with its highly anticipated Halloween episode, offering up plenty of scares, laughs, one hell of a rave and a shocking revelation. The episode featured the popular DJ Bloody Beetroots (who rocked the blacklight Halloween party as himself.) The DJ was also apparently behind the remix of the show’s theme song highlighted during the opening credits.


Recap: Trick Or Treat


It’s Halloween night, and a couple of young hooligans are stomping out pumpkins along a residential street in celebration. Their fun is interrupted by the appearance of the five shadowy figures that came from the Nemeton who walk out of the darkness and are marching down the street. We get a clear shot of their sleek black robes before we find Isaac on the floor in Allison’s bedroom with both Argents calling out to the clearly traumatized werewolf. As he hugs himself on the ground, Allison and Chris are finally able to open the door and get to him. Allison tries to get through to Isaac, but he isn’t listening and is cold to the touch. Chris tells Isaac that he needs to turn, telling him he needs to “trigger it” (the healing process) and punches the young wolf a couple of times before Isaac finally snaps out of it and his eyes flash yellow. Quickly sitting up Isaac leans against the bed and asks Allison and Chris if they saw them. He explains that there were five beings, dressed in black with their faces covered. One of them flashed green/yellow eyes at him, the color and glow reminding Isaac of fireflies. Chris checks the window, relaying that the security system wasn’t triggered. When Allison questions how they got in, Isaac explains it’s like they came out of the shadows. At this, a hint of recognition appears on Chris’ face, which catches the attention of his daughter. Chris asks Allison and Isaac to give him some time before they tell anybody else about the incident – 24 hours to be exact. He then mysteriously explains that he believes they didn’t kill Isaac because they might have been after Chris. With that, the elder Argent leaves the room and elsewhere he pulls out a box from a cabinet. Inside, Chris pulls out pieces of a mask before setting them back inside the box. The mask matches the ones the mysterious figures were wearing.


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