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Spoilers: Season 3B – The Latest

The parents are now in the loop and even though Scott, Stiles and Allison will be dealing with demons, inside and out, they have the support of their parents. So what will happen in regard to the relationships? Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski told MTV in an interview,

“My relationship with Stiles changes in a couple of different ways this year. There’s no more lies. I know what’s happening; I know he knows what’s happening. Scott and Stiles become more of guides for me, I’m getting this crash course in this supernatural world that’s been around.”

Scott’s father, FBI Agent Kyle McCall is in the picture now and it doesn’t look like his relationship with Scott is going to get any smoother. Actor Matthew Del Negro said,

“It starts to be revealed that maybe agent McCall isn’t exactly who you think he is. What I like is when I came in, I came in as such a hard ass, not looking for anyone to like me. Then as this season progresses, there’s kind of another color running in the background and it’s like I’m fighting my way back into the family.”

Viewers are looking forward to a drama filled season and Ashby reassures fans that is what they are going to get,

“It messes with you and it keeps messing with you, and what you think you know, you don’t know.”

Spoilers: Season 3B – Are The ‘Teen Wolf’ Twins Trustworthy Enough To Be In Scott’s New Pack?


To trust or not to trust — when it comes to “Teen Wolf” twins Aiden and Ethan, that is the question. As soon as the mysterious, shape-shifting werewolves showed up to Beacon Hills, they tried to run Scott and his crew off course (quite literally, in fact, at a cross-country track meet), and when it was revealed they were doing evil villain Deucalion‘s bidding, they were officially written off as bad seeds. But gradually they worked their way into the hearts of Lydia and Danny, and when we last left them it seemed the two had turned over a new leaf and left the darkness behind, so do they deserve a second chance?

In an interview with HappyCool, Executive Producer Jeff Davis spoke to the twins’ change of heart, and said it’ll be up to “True Alpha” Scott to decide whether to make room in his new pack for BHHS’ most recent transfers. Scott’s uniquely human-friendly clique will include Lydia, Stiles and Allison as members, Davis said, but as for the supernatural Ethan and Aiden, the jury is still out.

“The question arises…what do they have to do to redeem themselves?” Davis said. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out: Davis added that Scott will make up his mind about Aiden and Ethan within the first few episodes.


Spoilers: Season 3B – Scott & Kira

Romance is in the air for the supernatural teens of Beacon Hills.

The werewolves and humans of Teen Wolf are moving on from the relationship rut they seem to have been stuck in during the first half of season 3. When the series picks up again in January, the youngsters will be pairing up with characters both old and new.

While Scott (Tyler Posey) had a whirlwind romance with Allison (Crystal Reed) to kick off the season, the couple are no longer attached and both a free to move on if they so wish. It looks like the Alpha may begin to get close to the town’s newest addition, Kira (Arden Cho).

“There’s definitely something going on there…in the midst of all the chaos, there’s gotta be a little love and romance,” Cho told E!. ”There’s a little bit of something there.”

Meanwhile, Lydia (Holland Roden) will have a little bit of a love triangle and Allison may have something going on with Isaac (Daniel Sharman), or at least in her dreams/hallucinations. For his part, Sharman thinks that there is something to the possibility of an Isaac/Allison pairing.

“She’s gorgeous, so of course … being Isaac, he’s extremely enamored by that,” Sharman said, according to Hollywood Life. “[Their relationship is] not just thrown together. … There’s this feeling of ‘I don’t mean to feel this, I just do.’”

Source: Enztarz

Spoilers: Season 3B – Tyler Posey Teases New Relationship For Scott

“Teen Wolf” is getting ready for the second half of season three on MTV, and now fans are being given a look at the season ahead. On Wednesday, Dec. 4, Spoilers Guide and E! Online both shared new spoilers for the next batch of episodes. also shared a new extended trailer as well.

What will happen next on the series? Scott, Allison, and Stiles will start to feel the impact of the ritual they performed to save their parents. The trailer for the episode shows a bloody Stiles, and it is not his own blood. The teasers from Spoilers Guide also reveal that Allison will also experience strange side effects as well. Meanwhile, Scott will try to cope with being an Alpha.

Tyler Posey is the actor behind Scott, and he shared a new teaser about his character to E! Online. He will become closer to someone next season. The site shared the following:

Hmmm…how about that he will finally take on a real big brother role in season 3B for Scott, with Tyler Posey telling us it’s his “favorite relationship” right now on the show. All together now: Awww! As for when Derek will be back in Beacon Hills, let’s just say you’ll find out where he is in the season premiere..and who he’s with is pretty surprising.

Derek lost his Alpha status last season. He lost it when he saved his sister from death, and he left Beacon Hills at the end of the season. It makes sense that he would help Scott deal with his new Alpha status.