Aiden & Ethan

Aiden and Ethan, aka the Alpha Twins, are played by twin brother’s Max and Charlie Carver (both 25.)

Charlie Carver

Charlie Carver

Max Carver

Max Carver

The Alpha Twins have a unique ability never before seen on¬†Teen Wolf, in which they are able to merge their bodies together to create an individual, gigantic werewolf, (who is played, according to Jeff Davis, by a large man named Kale.) From the pilot episode and Melissa McCall’s brave actions in “The Overlooked,” we know that a large amount of electricity can force the twin werewolves to separate from their large form.


Ethan and Aiden were once omegas in a pack of brutal werewolves that Ethan described as killers. The alpha of their former pack was “the worst” and the brother’s were treated roughly by the pack, getting the last scraps of food and basically being the pack’s “bitch” as Stiles Stilinski summarizes. Eventually, Deucalion came across the twins and taught them how to merge into their giant form. Once they had developed and mastered this ability, the twins were able to kill the rest of their pack (including their emissary) and tore apart their former alpha, allowing them to become alphas themselves. Having completely destroyed their pack, Aiden and Ethan were able to join Deucalion’s alpha pack, becoming the youngest members of the alpha’s group.

Ethan and Aiden’s initial mission when the alpha pack arrived in Beacon Hills was to target people close to Scott McCall. Ethan formed a relationship with Danny¬†Mahealani, becoming more close with the human than his brother would like, and Aiden targeted Lydia Martin, who is fully aware of his alpha status but cannot deny her attraction to the werewolf. Since Aiden is far more brutal and aggressive than Ethan, it’s hard to tell if his feelings for Lydia are real at all and he simply doesn’t want to admit it out loud, or if his devotion to the pack is more important to him than the potential relationship.

Ethan, on the other hand, however violent he can be also seems to have a sense of remorse and guilt the further the show progresses. As his feelings for Danny grow, it becomes more and more apparent that there is a softer side to Ethan. At this point, Ethan has revealed to Scott that they now know their real target is Lydia, so he could simply choose to stop seeing Danny since the alpha pack no longer seems to have an interest in the teenager. However, Ethan isn’t so willing to give up this new-found bond. His choices (often-times reluctant) to follow Deucalion and his orders is out of a sense of loyalty for the alpha leader saving them from their former pack, and also his devotion to his brother.

Evidently, Ethan and Aiden’s theme for this season relies heavily on that of loyalty; they will ultimately have to figure out whether or not the alpha pack or family is more important, and whether or not the potential relationships with Danny and Lydia are strong enough, and important enough, for them to turn their backs on Deucalion and Kali. Clearly, Ethan seems likely to choose Danny somewhere down the line, and the interesting development will be when Aiden has to choose between his brother and the pack.



  • Aiden: Stop talking to Danny… or I’m gonna rip the flesh off his face and eat it.
  • Ethan: I’m not going to hurt him.
    Scott: Why should I believe you?
    Ethan: Because we knew one of them would be important to you, and now we know it’s Lydia.

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