Spoilers: This Weeks Scoop From Jeff Davis

We have gone through the latest Q&A’s with Jeff Davis and summarized all the spoilers. Check them out below!

Will there be a love triangle between Scott, Allison and Isaac?

I’m not a fan of love triangles actually. I know people love them, but I wanted the Allison, Isaac and Scott situation to take a different direction. Let me know what you think after this twelve is done!

Will we get an episode where Stiles has his own story and is the main character?


How many seasons is Teen Wolf planning on running for?

All that’s planned so far is twelve more episodes. We have discussed the possibility of a fourth season.

Will we see some heartfelt scenes between the Sheriff and Stiles soon?


Which episode is the big Stiles & Lydia episode?

3.11 Alpha Pact.

Will we find out how Erica was killed?


Will we find out how Deucalion became blind?


Will Colton Haynes / Jackson come back this season?

Colton came to our screening party a few weeks ago. So he’s always part of the Teen Wolf family. But I think he’s quite happy on Arrow.

Will Scott and Isaac’s relationship change now that they’re living together?

Yes, it will. They will become closer.

Deucalion mentioned to Derek that he knew his mom. Is Deucalion perhaps Mama Hale’s old lover or ex?

Not a lover.

Does Peter Hale have a bigger storyline this season?


Will there be more Aiden / Lydia and Danny / Ethan?


The tree at the end of the credits is the same tree Lydia was drawing in the band room. Does this mean something?

You are paying attention to the right details.

Does Deaton’s past have anything to do with the Hales?

Yes, very much to do with the Hales.


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