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Renewals: Teen Wolf Renewed for Season 4

MTV ANNOUNCES “Teen Wolf” SEASON FOUR AND THE NEW “WOLF WATCH” COMPANION SERIES TODAY AT NEW YORK COMIC-CONNew York, NY (October 12, 2013)—MTV announced today to a crowd of screaming “Teen Wolf” fans at New York Comic-Con that the hit series will return for a fourth season in 2014 with 12 new episodes. Additionally, the network will debut the new talk show “Wolf Watch” set to air weekly after each “Teen Wolf” episode. The highly anticipated second half of “Teen Wolf” season three will begin on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT directly followed by the “Wolf Watch” series premiere.

Today’s panel featured on-screen son and father duo “Stiles” and “Stilinski” played by Dylan O’Brien and Linden Ashby, respectively as well as Executive Producer Jeff Davis and was moderated by TV Guide Magazine Senior Writer, Damian Holbrook.

“Wolf Watch” will be hosted by Jill Wagner, who plays “Kate Argent” in “Teen Wolf.” The half-hour talk show will give fans even more insight into the hit series, covering topics ranging from the heavy mythology elements featured in the season, to the steamy romances and hilarious bromances that run rampant between the series’ Supernatural high-schoolers. The series will welcome guest appearances by “Teen Wolf” cast members sharing behind-the-scenes secrets and celebrity super fans will also drop in to get some of the answers viewers crave from week to week.

These announcements come on the heels of a hugely successful first half of season three in which the show averaged a 2.5 P12-34 rating and 2.8 million total viewers each week, making it the highest-rated and most-watched season to date. The first half of season three also ranked as the #1 program in its time slot each week.

To gear up for the second half of season three, fans can purchase a DVD of the first half the season on December 10. All previously aired episodes are currently available for viewing on MTV.com, iTunes and Hulu with seasons one and two offered to Netflix subscribers.

For more ways to connect with “Teen Wolf” like it on Facebook at Facebook.com/teenwolf or follow the show on Twitter @MTVTeenWolf.


Speculations: Season 3B: Is Jennifer Blake really dead?

The end of the first half of Teen Wolf season 3 saw the demise of one of our main villains, but is Jennifer Blake actually dead for good?

Well, we don’t know.

In a spoiler chat with E! Online, Executive Producer Jeff Davis talked about how hard it was to see Haley Webb, who played Miss Blake, leave the show.

“We’re talking about, like, ‘How can we bring Jennifer back?’ the other day on set,” he says.

Jennifer Blake was a fascinating villain to have for the first half of season 3, because although she was the one performing sacrifices all over Beacon Hills, it was in order to defeat the other main villain, Deucalion, and his Alpha Pack.

Jennifer’s love for Derek seemed genuine enough, despite the fact that she was a bit twisted. Her obsession with revenge is what eventually ruined everything for her, including her relationship with Derek. But what if she was brought back? What if she found out Deucalion was no longer a threat and could finally lead a normal life?

It’s more than possible, as Teen Wolf has brought villains back from the dead in past seasons. Peter Hale died in the finale of season 1, but was resurrected in season 2 and has been hanging around ever since.

“We like Peter a lot and we especially like Ian Bohen, but it’s hard. You want to have villains in your show, but you want to have believable ends to those villains as well, but sometimes they’re just too good,” Davis says.

It’s quite possible that both the actress Haley Webb and the character Jennifer Blake were “too good.” E! Online says that Davis would not confirm whether or not Jennifer was truly dead, so that definitely leaves an open door for them to go in either direction in the final 12 episode of season 3, or beyond.


Spoilers: Season 3B: Flashbacks Of Young Chris Argent

The upcoming second half of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 will reportedly feature some flashbacks on character Chris Argent during his teenager years. The E!Online spoiler report reveals that the flashback on Daddy Argent could show his dark side when he was 18 years old plus a glimpse of a Yakuza warrior as the TV series’ keeps up with the Asian theme.

Series creator Jeff Davis shared that the second half of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 will feature “a heavy Asian influence.” Additionally, the Chris Argent flashback scenes will show a “heated battle with a kind of evil not yet seen on the series.”

Mr Davis divulged at the 2013 San Dieo Comic Con that the MTV series will be heading towards the new Kitsune myth. “It is a very, very fascinating Japanese shapeshifter myth about the were-fox and the trickster spirit,” the series creator stated at the Comic Con event.

Korean-American model and actress Arden Cho has been cast for a role in “Teen Wolf” but it is still uncertain if she will portray the Kitsune character. The new “Teen Wolf” character that has been revealed is the new student named Kira with a Japanese descent and connection to the Kitsune myth.

The creator and executive producer Jeff Davis along with his “Teen Wolf” team remains tight lipped whether Kira is in fact the Kitsune, so speculations are now running wild on the character’s direction in the show. No confirmation has been given as well as to who will be the Yakuza warrior in the flashback or if the character, male or female, could be a part of Chris Argent’s heated battle with the unseen kind of evil.

Giving a brief background to the Yakuza world, the Hypable.com report explains: “The Yakuza are members of organized crime groups in Japan, although their members exist around the world. While not all of their business is illegal, they do seem to have less than stellar reputations. They’re also known for strict codes of honor that even the Argent family would probably be proud of.”

The “Teen Wolf” crew and cast members are currently busy filming the new episodes for the second half of Season 3. Beacon Hill’s supernatural teenagers will be returning to MTV for a brand new season on January 6, 2014.


Spoilers: Season 3B – Scott Builds His Pack, Aidan Looks For Redemption

With the apparent dissolution of the Alpha Pack and Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) drop in powers to Beta level, it seems that the characters of Teen Wolf will be realigning themselves for season 3b.

Now that Scott (Tyler Posey) is coming into his own as a True Alpha, he will have to officially build up a pack.

“He’s going to have to figure out the roles of his friends and his pack – people like Isaac, Allison and Stiles and Lydia. In a way, we’ve build a pack that is both human and supernatural,” said series creator Jeff Davis, according to Entertainment Weekly. “So I think it’s kind of a cool story to tell, especially in high school where everyone is essentially looking for their group. An this is one that’s very all-inclusive.”

While Scott’s pack currently consists of a regular human, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien); a hunter, Allison (Crystal Reed); a banshee (Holland Roden); and one werewolf, Isaac (Daniel Sharman). However, he now has a chance to add two more werewolves to the group, Aiden and Ethan (Max and Charlie Carver). Meanwhile, Aiden needs to gain the trust of Lydia as well.

“He wants to be with her and wants to be one of the good guys, and she has to learn that he needs to earn that place. Meanwhile, Lydia is becoming a hero in her own right, with the capacity to save people’s lives,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly. “All Aiden has ever done is damage. He’s death and destruction. So he’s going to have to redeem himself before he earns anything more than a physical relationship from her.”

Catch up with the teens of Beacon Hills when the show returns to MTV on Jan. 6.


Spoilers: Season 3B – Premiere; Derek Returns & Scott Struggles With Alpha Role

Although Teen Wolf won’t be returning to MTV until January, series creator Jeff Davis is already dropping hints on what’s in store for season 3b.

With Scott (Tyler Posey) coming into his own as the true Alpha of Beacon Hills, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) out of town and Peter (Ian Bohen) still craving a power he has been denied, pack dynamics may be a little different for the young werewolves.

“[Scott's] going to have a crisis of confidence, and he’s also going to learn that this is a power and level of responsibility that’s not easy for a high school teenager, specifically,” Davis said of the new leader’s mounting responsibilities, according to Entertainment Weekly. “So he’s going to have to trust, say, the twins and allow them to help – or push them away. He’s going to have to figure out the roles of his friends and his pack – people like Isaac, Allison and Stiles and Lydia.”

In the meantime, viewers will also find out why Derek left town. It appears the former Alpha is not quite out of secrets yet.

“He’s gone for a specific reason and he’s gone to a specific place. The reasons why come out in the first three episodes [of the second half of the season]. It’s a fun story. So he’s got some secrets that he needs to deal with and some questions as well,” Davis cryptically told Entertainment Weekly.

While Scott is learning to become the leader of a pack, Derek must take his experience and learn to become something else entirely.

“Derek is the kind of guy who can endure. He will always endure. He can take any kind of pain punishment and torture and survive,” Davis said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “And that’s kind of his biggest superpower. And now that he has, has he learned how to become a hero.”

Teen Wolf will return on Jan. 6.


Spoilers & Speculations: Season 3B – Ethan and Danny & Kali and the Darach?

Relationships always play a key role between characters on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and those of season 3A were no exception to the rule.

While Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) once again made the mistake of dating a murderer, Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) overcame loyalties to find romance and Kali (Felisha Terrell) and Jennifer Blake (Haley Webb) presented an uncertain coupling.

“I guess he was blinded by it. I don’t know if he would have picked up on it had he not been with her, but I definitely think that, you know, those feelings, you know, love is blind, and that can happen to you,” Hoechlin said, according to The Backlot.

While Derek sorted out his feelings for Jennifer, there were hints dropped that Kali and her former Emissary had more than just a working relationship before Kali attempted to kill her.

“That was written into it. We wanted to keep it a little bit ambiguous and allow some things. I don’t like answering all the questions and I like keeping some ambiguity to it,” said series creator Jeff Davis, according to The Backlot. “It’s interesting to play with those things. Jennifer is certainly deeply in love with Derek but she could just as easily have been in love with Kali, as well.”

At the end of the finale, Ethan and Danny are seen together, happily walking hand-in-hand through the halls of Beacon Hills High. As Ethan and his twin rebuild their lives in the wake of the Alpha Pack dissolution, can the brothers manage normal relationships?

“We have some very interesting stuff [in 3B]. Their relationship definitely evolves and you begin to see some dramatic conflict grow out of it, yes,” Davis told The Backlot. “I would not give up on that. I’m very happy with that scene in the motel [in Motel California] and the way it came out. I thought they had real chemistry, a spark.”