Spoilers: Season 3B – Premiere; Derek Returns & Scott Struggles With Alpha Role

Although Teen Wolf won’t be returning to MTV until January, series creator Jeff Davis is already dropping hints on what’s in store for season 3b.

With Scott (Tyler Posey) coming into his own as the true Alpha of Beacon Hills, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) out of town and Peter (Ian Bohen) still craving a power he has been denied, pack dynamics may be a little different for the young werewolves.

“[Scott's] going to have a crisis of confidence, and he’s also going to learn that this is a power and level of responsibility that’s not easy for a high school teenager, specifically,” Davis said of the new leader’s mounting responsibilities, according to Entertainment Weekly. “So he’s going to have to trust, say, the twins and allow them to help – or push them away. He’s going to have to figure out the roles of his friends and his pack – people like Isaac, Allison and Stiles and Lydia.”

In the meantime, viewers will also find out why Derek left town. It appears the former Alpha is not quite out of secrets yet.

“He’s gone for a specific reason and he’s gone to a specific place. The reasons why come out in the first three episodes [of the second half of the season]. It’s a fun story. So he’s got some secrets that he needs to deal with and some questions as well,” Davis cryptically told Entertainment Weekly.

While Scott is learning to become the leader of a pack, Derek must take his experience and learn to become something else entirely.

“Derek is the kind of guy who can endure. He will always endure. He can take any kind of pain punishment and torture and survive,” Davis said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “And that’s kind of his biggest superpower. And now that he has, has he learned how to become a hero.”

Teen Wolf will return on Jan. 6.

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